Construction Industry Scheme

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The CIS scheme is mandatory for all contractors and subcontractors working in the Construction Industry. The CIS covers various construction-related activities, such as building, repairing, decorating, and demolition work. It also covers civil engineering projects like road construction, bridge building and landscaping. If you need help with the requirements to be a CIS Contractor and/or Subcontractor, we are here to help guide you through the process.

Our CIS for Construction Industry Services Include

CIS Monthly Calculations

If you have Sub-contractors working for you under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), we take the administrative burden off your hands, we calculate the CIS monthly calculations for you, whether you are a Sole Trader or Limited company with Subcontractors, we keep your business compliant with HMRC.

CIS – CIS300 Monthly Returns submitted to HMRC

Monthly CIS returns to the 5th of each month need to be filed with HMRC by the 19th of each month. We undertake the timely filing of your CIS Monthly Returns, ensuring the upkeep of detailed records of your Subcontractors payments, filing your CIS Monthly Returns and informing you of CIS deductions to be paid across to HMRC.

CIS Payment & Deduction Statements sent to your Subcontractors

We undertake the administration of sending your Subcontractors their Monthly CIS Payment & Deduction Statements directly to your Subcontractor’s via email. We also complete the tax year end process, sending your Subcontractors their yearly CIS Statement showing the breakdown of CIS Deductions for the tax year.

Reclaiming your CIS Suffered from HMRC

We will assist in reclaiming your CIS Suffered on your Invoicing to your Contractor Clients.

For Sole Traders, this your CIS Deduction Suffered are claimed through your Self Assessment Tax Return.

For Limited Companies, we undertake the calculations to set-off your CIS Deductions Suffered against any PAYE/NIC Tax, CIS Subcontractor Tax deductions, and can even organise for set-off against Corporation Tax.

CIS – Verifying your Subcontractors

If you take on a Sub-contractor, they need to be Verified as a CIS Subcontractor with HMRC before you make any payments to your new Subcontractor.

We undertake the Verification of Subcontractors for you, we will verify their status with HMRC to ensure they are a registered contractor under CIS and determine their CIS deduction Status 20% CIS Deductions or Gross Status.

CIS and Domestic Reverse Charge for VAT

If you are a CIS Contractor or Subcontractor AND you are also a VAT Registered business, then you must account for VAT under the Domestic Reverse Charge for VAT, this means you do not charge VAT to your Contractor Clients, as they account for the VAT under Domestic Reverse Charge.

We take the hassle out of this complex area of CIS and VAT, assisting you with getting your Invoicing correct from the start, ensuring you are compliant under the scheme.